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Month: July, 2011

I was robbed

On Saturday lunchtime, I forgot the single most important rule for those of us living in the big conurbation: if something weird is happening, someone is trying to rob you.

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End pause

It has been a few months since my last post and while they have not been uneventful (second daughter arrived, left a job, started a job, etc) I will just resolve the issue of the previous post before launching into an account of the changes in my life – not to mention the wonderful day I have had, which began with mowing the lawn and harvesting cherries from the tree in our garden and ended with eating those same cherries in a clafoutis of my own making. Domestic bliss!

Anyway, I have to thank my friend Simon for responding via Twitter to my long and windy post (‘Yes, I am voting No’) about the AV referendum in April. Read the rest of this entry »