A Certain Confusion

Thoughts of a writer of sorts

Month: September, 2009


We’re heading out of London to the Cotswolds for a few days tomorrow. I hope to do some writing and will be taking notebooks etc. But we’ll also be taking champagne, Cluedo and a bottle of whiskey….

We’ve rented a cottage that used to be an old Grist Mill. We’re going with another couple and their young daughter – I think it’s going to be great fun, but four nights might seem too few to really get into a holiday mindset. We’ll see!


Writer – it’s official

It has been an age since my last post – a cardinal sin of the blogger is to not blog, so I am fully repentant. We have moved house and find ourselves in a corner of London where people say Good Morning on Sundays, and come round from next door to introduce themselves as Tina and if you ever need anything…, and where Mrs Silberman sits on our wall and always says Hello and/or Your Daughter is Very Sweet.

We are still very much living out of boxes, but a new kitchen should be manifesting itself before the end of the month, and lithe young bookshelves will be springing up the walls to accommodate those precious travelling companions, our books.

But a more momentous change is in the offing – for I seem to have escaped PR and after 15 years of wanting to be a Writer, and feeling that I was a Writer, or I would be if only I could escape the tedium of non-Writing work, after all that time of apologising for the facts of my working existence and for those facts not comprising Writer, after all that, it seems I am to be officially sanctioned to call myself a Writer.

For I have a new job, which I shall be starting in November (subject to references and health checks) and it is called Science Writer.

So next all I have to do is dissect away the Science to leave but the Writer!

Well we’ll see, because now I have to see if I can cope with being a full-time Writer and a Writer in my spare time to boot. For now, I am confident.