After the pause…

Writing has not been flowing for me lately. I write at work, which, considering it’s what they pay me to do, is just as well. But my other interests are stagnant. This blog has been like an abandoned puppy, looking over at me with reproachful eyes, but, I hope, with a hint of forgiveness there ready to be expressed if only I would come back and play.

Maybe I worry about this too much and should just accept that there will be these lacunae when I don’t produce anything. That would be easier to accept if I were productive after the pause….

I’m kicking myself for missing Edgar Allan Poe’s bicentenary last year. He even lived in Stoke Newington for a while in his childhood, which would have given some logic to a local performance of something or other. Oh well, onwards and upwards. Daniel Defoe’s 350th birthday was last year as well – he was local too. Bugger bugger.

Oh well, an anniversary is no genuine rationale to write something – only for getting funding!

The 500th anniversary of the publication of Utopia by Thomas More is coming up in 2016 – I should get planning.