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Month: November, 2011

Time to Truth

At face value, a rather grandiose set of definitions have wheedled their way into the Discreet Dictionary over the last week or so, but in truth, Trains are among their number, so it’s not all existential navel-gazing….

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Sunday to Thursday

Though I do not quite manage to write a definition a day, this week I have written definitions for Sunday and Thursday in the Discreet Dictionary, plus five words in between, alphabetically.

Having broached the Ts, I fear I am too fast approaching a point at which my notebooks run dry and I will be forced to rely on my present day wits to come up with new definitions. It has been fun transcribing the collected literary detritus of my mind to the web – I’m sure it will be equally fun to actually have to pay attention, to be creative, to seek out new life and new civilisations, to be original again.

Strategy to Success

[A.S. There are a lot of S’s in the Discreet Dictionary. More now than previously. If you’re almost tempted to go browsing, I recommend you start with Suburbs, the Discreet ‘definition’ for which quotes from a beautiful book, The Age of Wire and String, by Ben Marcus.]

Net Net contribution

It has been two weeks or more since my last post here and I am no longer going to apologise for such lacunae in my writing. However, it has got me to thinking about whether I will ever be a ‘net Net contributor’.

I lurk, mostly, on Twitter and blogs. My own blog here is inherently solipsistic (well no, but I like the word; it is actually merely introspective) and my other blog, which has a pitiful four subscribers, has potential to be ‘social’ but I am not ‘marketing’ it because I am not sure it is precisely what I want and I am antipathetic to the concept of ‘work in progress’, despite every blog being essentially exactly that.

A snowball, not an ammo dump

My preferred approach to the web is to follow those random trails that come from following a link that a creditable source (ie a friend, acquaintance or admired intelligence) suggests. If the target is pleasing, I will browse it, looking for another diverting link to somewhere else. And so on.

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