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Month: July, 2009

From Dancing to Drugs

I have added the D’s to the Discreet Dictionary. Among them is Death. Sophie’s mum died since I last blogged and I have felt unable to say anything meaningful about her going – especially as Sophie is currently my only reader….

The definition of death in my dictionary is necessarily trite and unhelpful in the current context. Although a quote from Ben Marcus that I use –

to empty the body of knives

– does seem somewhat less banal.

Clown to Criticism

Another page uploaded to the Dictionary. I am enjoying the X to Y pairings that are emerging….

Beckett to Civic Employments

Another page of the dictionary is now up.

I am now a member of the Association of British Science Writers (ABSW / αβ∫ω), which I am eligible to be primarily because I am a press officer for a scientific organisation, but a little bit, I like to think, because I am a writer whose understanding of science plays no small part in his writing.

I joined so that my employers could get a discounted rate for me to attend the World Conference of Science Journalists, which turned out to be a false economy but no matter – I’m very pleased about being in the ABSW. It may even inspire me to write more explicitly about science….

The WCSJ was very good and I intend to blog my notes from the sessions I attended on Wednesday 1 July in due course.