I’ve had worse days

by Michael

Screenshot of my Guardian piece

My working titles were'Poets should sing of science' or 'Experiments in science writing'

So, today saw my first piece of writing to be published in the national media. The first under my own name, that is. On a few previous occasions, I have ghostwritten pieces that have gone in the Guardian, the Telegraph and the BBC website (I guess it would be bad form to say who I wrote for – one was a genuine household name, though). But this is my first byline in a fully-fledged organ of the mainstream media. Very exciting.

The same piece was also published on the Wellcome Trust blog, but that is more of an everyday occurrence.

I’ve said this elsewhere: having been asked to write about great science writing, I started with a piece of 1950s avant-garde French poetry. Pretentious, moi? If you are interested to know how I came to choose this piece as my starting point for a post about science writing, I wrote about it here last week. But seeing as the number of followers I have on Twitter has increased by about 15% since this morning, I thought I’d post another link to it….