by Michael

Discreet Dictionary - original version

The original version of my Discreet Dictionary

I have begun the second stage of uploading the Discreet Dictionary. It involves going back through the entries from A to Z adding links to the cross-references. It is a pleasant exercise as I get to revisit some of the earlier entries and, if appropriate, retweet them for those following the Dictionary, given that I only started tweeting the Dictionary at around P.

Today I have updated entries from A to C, replacing the (q.v.) tags with links. Highlights you may not have looked at before include Alchemy and Cow, although I personally love the stark lack of context of Autumn: “Autumn is the correct season for the king’s hair and teeth to fall out.”

While tracking progress during the first phase, I would post here with a heading derived from the entries I had uploaded in the intervening time. That feels less appropriate for the second phase, so instead, I am going to share the notebooks in which I made the original notes that form the basis of the Dictionary. It may be monumentally boring, even off-putting, for you readers, so we shall see how it goes.

At least it makes it easier for me to adhere to part of my resolution for 2012 to put more pictures on the blog…. As for the first part – more forethought – that might follow next time…!

Anyway, the notebook pictured here is the one in which I started the Discreet Dictionary as an attempt to capture random thoughts and organise them so they would be available for future writing. I have huge nostalgia loking through old notebooks, which is probably not healthy, but this notebook started in approximately 1999. Most of the entries have been transcribed unedited onto the Dictionary blog so if you are exploring the Dictionary, bear in mind the callow youth responsible for most of it.

In light of which, I have discovered an entry that escaped the first round of uploading – Banal. As definitions go, it’s not very big and it’s not very clever, but it still makes me laugh….

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