Waiting to Witch

by Michael

Iris Eva Regnier, Christmas 2011

Queen Iris

We are in that strange holding time between Christmas and New Year. My workplace is closed all this week, Edie’s nursery is closed, Iris is too young for social appointments and Sophie is chewing her nails off desperate to escape the solemn duties of childcare and festive familial commitments. We are waiting for 2012.

We have clocked up three big Christmas meals so far: dinner on Christmas Eve in Cambridge, lunch on Boxing Day in London, and lunch on 29 Dec in Essex (see left). Not bad going. Each has been very special, in its own particular way.

I have published the penultimate swathe of definitions in the Discreet Dictionary for 2011. My favourite from this batch is Witch, which was written in relation to an adaptation of The Little Mermaid that I was involved with maybe ten years ago. I think it was part of the stage directions, describing the character who takes the Mermaid’s tail and voice: “Pockets, empty then full, empty then full. Fluids frothing forth, foul liquors caged in ice. The witch has the capacity to drown your sorrows; to drown you.”