Time to Truth

by Michael

At face value, a rather grandiose set of definitions have wheedled their way into the Discreet Dictionary over the last week or so, but in truth, Trains are among their number, so it’s not all existential navel-gazing….

A few bonus musings on Time, however:

  1. It is most definitely time to start thinking about what I am going to do when I reach Z and finish the first sweep of the Discreet Dictionary. In truth, I know one task that awaits me – to go back through the Dictionary and make all of the (q.v.) cross-references links instead. It will be fun, and a chance to highlight some of the better ‘definitions’. I saw that someone had found my Dictionary blog searching the web for “What is a theophonist?”: I included mention of theophonist in my definition of “Dreams“, although almost certainly not in accordance with its meaning in any other dictionary. It’s a nice definition though, and worth a read if you have ever liked anything I have ever written in my life. Or in my dreams.
  2. I have had a lovely weekend with the family. At the same time, I have had nary an hour to myself in the whole two days (and, by extension, the week). It amazes me that I had the temerity to be bored for whole years at a time when I was younger.
  3. I have ordered next year’s calendar from Cabinet magazine: it will have no standard holidays or observances, but critical dates in the history (and limited future) of apocalyptic predictions, paying due homage to the fact that, according to certain Mayan prophecies, 2012 will see the destruction of the world. Rather beautifully, the calendar – the Last Calendar, of course – ends on 21 December 2012, given that that is when the world will end too.