Stars to Story

by Michael

In loving memory’s decay

A picture of two headstones leaning at different angles

Two headstones

On an unexpectedly beautiful autumn’s day, I took a walk through Abney Park Cemetery, the “first wholly non-denominational garden cemetery in Europe”.

I was recently reminded of a curious evening I spent in this cemetery doing a two-hour performance of Collagen in ten minutes, a piece I made with Jeremy Hardingham which was performed only twice.

So I decided to walk through the cemetery today and was taken with how many signs of decay – beyond the obvious – there were. I took some pictures (see below).

When I came home, I added four definitions to my dictionary: Stars, Statistics, Stoics, Story. The first is a little twee thing I once wrote; the second is from a play about water which I have not yet written; the third is a nice set of analogies from ancient Greece and the last is something a friend wrote many years ago – I’ve lost touch with Katie since then, which is to my shame.

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