Question to Recipe: live music is wasted on me

by Michael

A few more entries (Question to Recipe) in the Discreet Dictionary, which now has a grand total of three subscribers, none of whom is known to me in any capacity. Probably because of that, I feel a strange responsibility to keep the Dictionary regularly updated (there has been a lull due to holidays recently) and for the entries to not be crap. Unfortunately, I am currently bound (I guess) to the accumulated witterings of the last decade and more, which I want to upload before I branch out into, you know, contemporary stuff by this me now. So today’s offerings were not great.

The family went to the End of the Road this weekend. Overall we had a grand old time despite a few hiccups along the way. But I am coming to realise that live music is just wasted on me. I don’t feel it. Although I ‘discovered’ John Grant for the first time and absolutely loved his music, I didn’t listen to his whole set because a) I had to get back to the tent in case Sophie wanted a break from babysitting, b) I wanted to revel in the feeling of having discovered something new (to me), and c) I wanted to hear the studio album instead.

It raises questions about my understanding / feeling for the ‘live event’ as an entire concept, and leaves me worrying that there were great numbers of levels – really important levels – on which I was not understanding theatre when I was performing/writing. Maybe I should switch to novels….