by Michael

Well, various gas and energy-related companies are ‘vacuum excavating’ holes in the pavement outside our living room this morning, so peace is in short supply around here.

Maybe Barack Obama could help? He has just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and no one is quite sure for what. It could be this – bringing genuine lasting peace to my corner of Stoke Newington.

But no, it seems the Swedish committee, so wracked with the thought of Obama not being a deserving recipient when he leaves office, have decided to screw everything and give him the damn prize now, so he’ll either be inspired to attain the Nobel laureate state of secular deity, or so we won’t have to accept the horror of him not ever delivering on the hope and joy that really did seem to sweep through 97% of the world upon his election.

But of course, what has really happened is that the Nobel committee knows its West Wing, and is giving Obama a helping hand in his quest to mimic the story not just of Mathew Santos, but of Jed Bartlet to boot.

For while Obama’s story is fairly tightly based on the Santos storyline in Season 7 of the West Wing, it also pays homage to the Seasons 1-6 story of Bartlet, who, an unashamedly intelligent professor-type – and, crucially, winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics – won the Democrat nomination from nowhere and proceeded to have 8 years of political struggle but, you know, all-round general liberal trying-to-do-the-right-thing-ness.

So they’ve given Barry O his Nobel Prize. You know, by all accounts, they could have given him the Literature one (Dreams of my Father, etc etc). But Peace it is, and peace it will have to be. Good luck with that.