Archivists to Beauty

by Michael

Page 2 of my Discreet Dictionary has been uploaded and I realise it will be quite a task to maintain it as a fully hyperlinked text. Fun though.

I’ve been thinking about conversations and how I don’t seem to be all that good at maintaining them. The problem seems to be that I introduce verbal culs-de-sac that are uninviting of non non-sequitur replies. I fear my blogs will fare similarly. What am I saying that invites conversation?

Now it is true that readership of my blog is limited at the moment to my wife and internet spam robots – the former I have conversations with at home and the latter I don’t want to converse with. But should someone else stumble onto this site, what would encourage them to comment?

Maybe a question? Would that do it? Please, if you’re stumbling here, leave a comment to let me know what would spur you to leave a comment and I will reply and we shall see what happens from there….