Human Happiness

by Michael

I have been unhappy for many long periods of my life. Sophie is only too aware of this since marrying me.

Recently she bought me both Human Happiness by Blaise Pascal and Useful Work v. Useless Toil by William Blake. They are numbers 43 and 51 in the Penguin Books Great Ideas series.

I’m reading the former and Pascal’s take on life chimes with me, but I’m only at p18 so what really stands out is the format – it is a numbered collection of aphorisms and epigrams punctuated with short essays amid the catalogue. It reminds me of a document I’ve been working on for years: called The Discreet Dictionary, it was a way for me to collect thoughts of my own and other people, organised by topic so that I could consult interesting and inspiring ideas when searching for them. But now I’m thinking it would work well as a blog, so I might just upload it all as a blog somewhere else….