by Michael

Sophie is in Venice installing a show for the Biennale. Edie and I are home alone, therefore, for four whole days. Over halfway but seriously, the thought of doing anything – even writing – after a full day without respite is enough to make my head spin.

That said, it’s going to have to happen if it’s going to, you know, happen. The writing, that is. So here’s my list of things to write this year:

  • Two short stories – both kind of sci-fi, but in a good way;
  • Scenes for a London pageant – like the Lord Mayor’s Show but more subversive and less licensed;
  • A filmscript for an adaptation of Watt – at the moment I have one single opening image, which is of Watt standing as if rooted to the earth at a rural Irish train station in the constant rain. That scene could go on like that for a while…;
  • An Edgar Allen Poe adaptation/playscript – his bicentenary is approaching, I think, and it would be nice to build on one of my previous projects;
  • A play.

Easy peasy.